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Minnesota Vacation Poll 11 – Cragun’s Resort Winter 2017
Minnesota Vacation Poll 11 – Cragun’s Resort Winter 2017
Cragun’s Brainerd Resort “Making Friends & Fun Memories For 76 Years”
What’s Your Favorite Cragun’s Memory?

1. A Ton of Memories?
2. Heavenly Weekend Together?
3. Wonderful Place?
4. Had A Blast at the Ice Fishing Contest?

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1. A Ton of Memories

Curling at Cragun's Resort on Gull Lake

Had so much fun curling on the lake at Cragun’s.

We spent our first winter getaway, multi-family vacation over New Year’s at Cragun’s. From the helpful friendly staff, the family fun activities and the AMAZING scenery and atmosphere, we had the BEST New Year’s! Cragun’s we were so impressed!

My sister-in-law and I wanted a family vacation for our New Year’s this year, after spending many others with our spouses at the casino ringing in the New Year’s past. This year, was one for the memory books! I have never been much of a winter outdoor activity person, but the Cragun’s experience was one our family will not forget. We could create family memories, our spouses spent time with all of us, participating in ice bowling, curling and some indoor activities too. The BEST part was the New Year’s Eve party. We rang in the New Year as a family, with AMAZING entertainment, a New Year’s party for the entire family and most of all not searching for our husbands as the countdown began! The kids all had a blast, playing games, creating crafts and dancing the night away! Cragun’s gave us all an over the top New Year’s to remember, with a ton of memories and stories to last a lifetime!



2. Heavenly Weekend Together

My husband and I enjoyed a Cragun’s fall getaway last September 2015. The weather was beautiful and we rode the trolley, took the boat ride around the lake, dined like kings at the Welcome and breakfast buffets and even played BINGO after the buffet! Our kids are grown now so just the two of us had a delightful weekend. Sadly, the next month my husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Rounds of chemo, trips to Mayo Clinic, scans and tests left us both exhausted. When I saw a “Winter Getaway” weekend offer once again at Cragun’s, I realized it was just what we needed! That last weekend in February 2016 turned out to be gorgeous and unseasonably warm and as we sat at the bonfire on the beach at night, we were able to relax and share our feelings about this medical crisis. We laughed together as we swam in the pool, luxuriating in the warm sun on the deck with a Coke afterwards. We hiked around the beautiful grounds together and rode behind those Clydesdales once again! The fireplace in the room at night topped off our heavenly weekend together. My husband has definitely had some ups and downs on this cancer journey, but thanks to Cragun’s hospitality, our weekends spent there was a needed respite from the sometimes bumpy path of life!!



3. Wonderful Place

The first time I ever went to Cragun’s Resort I remember how clean and wonderful smelling and nice and neat the place was. I felt comfortable just staying in my refreshing room the whole time. The hospitality was great and the atmosphere was great too!



4. Had A Blast at the Ice Fishing Contest

A few years ago my husband and I reserved a room at Cragun’s for the Jaycee’s annual Ice Fishing Contest. The weather was really cold that year, so we were layered up with warm clothing. We rode the bus to the Gull Lake location. I was amazed at the little city that was in front of us. There was food and other vendors selling fur hats, etc. There was also a nice tented warming area. The prize giveaway total was $150,000 in prizes including a truck. We had a blast watching everyone fishing on a beautiful lake. After the event, we were bused back to the hotel for more fun. We headed to the pool and the hot tub where we met many wonderful people. Then had dinner at the hotel and later drinks at the bar listening to karoke. Needless to say we were tired. I will always have that memory of our fun weekend at Cragun’s. It’s a must do event if you love to ice fish!


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