Brainerd Golf Courses

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A map of Cragun's Brainerd Golf Course

Dutch Legacy: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Bobby's Legacy: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Gambler's Hole: 19

Distance: 388 | 370 | 345 | 298

Take advantage of this opening hole and an early chance at a birdie. A wide fairway opens up to the right. A good tee shot will provide short iron shots into this green.

Distance: 518 | 506 | 490 | 470 | 404

The first of The Legacy's risk/reward decisions comes on this par 5. The more of the bunker on the right you hit over, the greater the chance of having a long fairway wood shot and a chance to putt for eagle. You need to be accurate on your lay-up here to avoid the bunkers and leave yourself with a clean shot at the green.

Hole Improvements

  • Brushed out the right side of the fairway, about 20 feet in
  • Brushed behind & to the right of the green

Distance: 392 | 318 | 293 | 290 | 288

Avoid the slice off the tee and a watery resting-place in Stephen's Lake. A sloping landing area will help hold shots in the fairway and allow you to attack this green. The best birdie chances will come from below the hole.

Hole Improvements

  • Extended the green

Distance: 215 | 171 | 119 | 111 | 78

This is the first of The Legacy's six par 3's, and it lies on the northernmost point of Stephen's Lake. You will need a long iron to hit the green. Club selection is crucial because of the large size of the green. Be sure to check the wind direction before you pull the trigger.

Hole Improvements

  • Brushed to the left of the green

Distance: 465 | 445 | 427 | 400 | 305

This long par 4 will require two well struck shots to be able to putt for the elusive birdie. After an uphill drive you will need to avoid a towering pine as you hit a long iron into this well protected green. Keep the ball in the fairway and avoid the deep marsh left of this green.

Hole Improvements

  • Brushed to the right of the fairway, about 20 feet in

Distance: 239 | 143 | 117 | 107 | 103

Check out the pro tee on this hole! WOW! If you have crossed the bridge you are now on an island surrounded by marsh. Choose the right club and you should be putting for birdie.

Distance: 517 | 491 | 449 | 419 | 389

This par five will yield some birdies. Play your drive to the landing area over the first marsh and then lay up to the right of the fairway bunker. Be sure to get your uphill short iron back to the pin.

Distance: 135 | 120 | 100 | 95 | 91

The Legacy's shortest hole. Don't let this one fool you - Robert Trent Jones, Jr. has described the eighth as a land mine hole with a green heavily protected by bunkers. Once you  have hit the hidden green your work has only begun. Putting on this undulating surface is very challenging.

Hole Improvements

  • Improved shooting from the right side of the tee by removing overhanging trees

Distance: 523 | 496 | 470 | 445 | 403

Swing away here as you head back to the clubhouse. A solidly struck drive will leave a chance to go at the green in two. A fairway that slopes to the right in front of the green will help shots roll onto the putting surface. The green slopes severely, so concentrate to avoid another three putt green.

Hole Improvements

  • Brushed out the right side of the fairway, behind the green

Distance: 456 | 427 | 396 | 375 | 334

A par 4 here is a good score. Avoid the long fairway bunker on the right and you will have a mid-iron into this well protected green. This large green with severe slopes makes the hole a true challenge. Take a peek through the trees behind the green and you may get your first glimpse on the back nine of Stephen's Lake.

Distance: 388 | 366 | 350 | 330 | 281

A great chance for birdie! A lie in the fairway and a short shot into the green await if you can carry the bunkers and the prairie grass that guard the right side of this hole. A more conservative play to the left of the fairway bunker will offer a mid-iron to this well bunkered putting surface.

Hole Improvements

  • Cleaned dead & downed trees from the wetland
  • Removed trees on the right side of the wetland

Distance: 185 | 155 | 148 | 138 | 107

This picturesque par 3 requires a solid iron to a huge green. If the flag is back left, be careful, don't get suckered into going after this position. If you miss you will pay dearly.

Distance: 566 | 480 | 443 | 440 | 437

With 9 tee boxes to play from, the challenge here is getting to the fairway. Pick a spot in the large fairway; make sure you take enough club to clear the wetlands. If you dare go for this green in two you must reach the fairway even with the trees on the left. A safe tee shot here does not ensure par, with the tight fairway and wetlands in front of the green, your approach shot becomes critical. This green is large so keep the pin placement in mind when hitting your approach. When you have completed the hole, look back at what you have accomplished.

Distance: 460 | 431 | 360 | 320 | 260

While here on the tee, you need to pick which of the holes two greens to play to. The left green, while protected front left by some marsh, offers a continuous land path up to it. In contrast, the right green requires a long second shot that carries a marsh. That decision made, drive the ball over the center of the hill in the fairway and knock the ball onto the green you chose.

Distance: 181 | 167 | 148 | 136 | 82

You must carry this green, for anything short will find a watery grave. The amphitheater of tees give a variety of different shots to this large green.

Distance: 546 | 492 | 465 | 440 | 430

Another choice off the tee. This hole has two fairways. Both will give you equal opportunity for a good score on this hole with a good tee shot. The lay up shot is most important here. If you choose the fairway on the left, stay to the right for a good look at the green, but be sure to avoid the wetlands. The fairway to the right is the short cut, but has an all carry approach over the wetlands to reach the green. Correct club selection is the key to reaching this green in regulation.

Distance: 158 | 135 | 125 | 120 | 115

This hole seems to play longer than the yardage. Don't be fooled! Hit your shot to the proper tier for a birdie opportunity. Beware - 3 putts happen here a lot.

Distance: 547 | 519 | 474 | 450 | 417

The Legacy's finishing hole is a three shot par 5 for everyone but the longest hitters. A drive to the right of the fairway bunker will allow your lay up and attack this final green. The shot into the green plays longer than it looks and the green is very big. A well placed iron will offer a birdie putt to win the match!!

Hole Improvements

  • Promote sunnier, drier conditions on the left side of the fairway by removing trees on the left side of the rough

Distance: 125 | 107 | 96 | 84 | 75

This quiet Par 3 in the trees can be the sight for some noise if all the bets are riding after the round. Pick your club carefully and make sure you hit it solid because the numerous bunkers around the green can make par a challenge. Perhaps the elusive hole-in-one can be made and you can head to the clubhouse to celebrate.

Hole Improvements

  • Brushed & cleaned up to the left of the green

Distance: 386 | 346 | 315 | 302 | 280

This dogleg right Par 4 requires a good drive to the top of the hill to set up a shot into the large green. Take notice of the pin position as a stray shot can lead to some difficult putting.

Hole Improvements

  • Lengthened overall hole
  • Added & elevated two tees & expanded two lower tees
  • Made a wider landing area by removing three fairway bunkers
  • Cleared more trees to the right of the hole & added more fairway
  • Removed brush & trees behind the green

Distance: 424 | 417 | 405 | 385 | 341

One of the longest par fours in the entire golf complex. The tee shot plays slightly uphill, only a solidly struck shot will avoid the bunkers on the inside edge of the dogleg. A drive in the fairway will leave a long iron into this well protected green. Water awaits shots short and left of the green and bunkers will collect balls to the right. Leaving this hole with a par will be a success.

Hole Improvements

  • Made larger landing area by removing three fairway bunkers & one approach bunker
  • Made ball retrieval easier by reducing large fairway bunker at the dogleg into two smaller ones, so golfers don't have to walk all the way around
  • Added more fairway to the approach, making it wider
  • Brushed and cleared the woods on the right of the hole
  • Mowed & cleared long grass to the left of the green
  • Removing large trees behind the green, to better promote sunlight & growth

Distance: 368 | 348 | 304 | 291 | 258

A rather short Par 4 that puts a premium on the tee shot. The landing area narrows as you get closer to the green, so lay up to the right side of the fairway in order to avoid the fairway bunker. Take enough club to reach this green as the second shot plays slightly uphill.

Distance: 329 | 297 | 263 | 242 | 216

Look at the variety of tees. Depending on where your tee is today, it may not be the same as tomorrow's thus giving you different yardage and angles to this short but fun par 4. Avoid the bunkers, especially the small pot bunker in the middle. If you avoid the sand, you should be rewarded with a short shot to an elevated green.

Distance: 509 | 484 | 451 | 431 | 360

This downhill par 5 is one of the most beautiful holes at The Legacy. Avoid the two bunkers and you will have a scenic second shot across wetland protecting the green. Don't miss the view to the left through the trees across the picturesque cranberry bog.

Hole Improvements

  • Brushed out behind the green

Distance: 347 | 315 | 282 | 262 | 233

Oh No! Another forced carry. Don't fall asleep here. Hit a nice drive that will leave a short second shot. Birdies should be abundant here. Watch out, the green is tricky.

Distance: 180 | 156 | 134 | 120 | 108

This par 3 across water is another of our prettiest holes at The Legacy. The green is well protected by bunkers in the back and water in front, requiring a precise iron to the green. Keep a watchful eye, you may see a beaver or bald eagle by this pond.

Hole Improvements

  • Removed the group of trees to the left of the fairway

Distance: 570 | 543 | 516 | 495 | 487

On this long, uphill par 5, plan on 3 good shots. Your second shot should take aim just short of the birch trees for a good look at this well protected, elevated green. Stop and enjoy the scenery.

Hole Improvements

  • Reduced the hazard quotient by removing the bunker 200 yards out to widen the fairway & removed one green-side bunker
  • Removed half the cart path running along the right side of the hole
  • Installed new cart path and bridge on the entire left side of fairway, running behind the green
  • Made green more accessible by cleaning-up the woods behind the green & expanding the cart area
  • Planted several large pines between Bobby's #1 and #8

Distance: 112 | 107 | 102 | 88 | 78

Looks may be deceiving with a change in elevation. Club selection plays a large factor for a chance of a birdie to end the front nine.

Distance: 573 | 516 | 462 | 442 | 419

Wow! Wait till you crest the hill. A well-placed long drive on the right will give you a shot at hitting this long narrow green in two. If you play the hole to the left of the grove of trees, be careful to hit your second shot far enough to give you an open shot to the green.

Hole Improvements

  • Additional fairway installed along right hand side of hole

Distance: 145 | 126 | 107 | 98 | 90

Don't be fooled on this short par 3. Club selection is crucial to hit this deep green. Birdie is possible, but if you're not careful, so is a bogey.

Distance: 501 | 476 | 431 | 411 | 386

The easiest par 5 on this 9. A straight drive puts you in position to reach this large green in two. An errant drive will rule out an aggressive second shot that can reward you in a birdie or a possible eagle.

Distance: 371 | 354 | 321 | 301 | 263

Options abound with this challenging Par 4. The "heroic tees" challenge golfers with a 250 yard carry over Legacy Lake to reach dry ground. Successfully reaching land will leave only a pitch shot to the green. The more traditional route using the fairway is a dogleg right. Bunkers to the right will leave a side hill bunker shot into the green, but be careful to not drive through the fairway as the land slopes off dramatically to the left.

Hole Improvements

  • Brushed out the areas behind the green & to the fairway's right

Distance: 452 | 440 | 424 | 365 | 336

This long Par 4 will challenge golfers to place their tee shot in the fairway. The key shot on this hole is the second, where a precise iron must land on the green or it could be lost. The lake is right of the green and wetlands swallow shots left of the green. This deep green has three subtle levels to challenge your putting touch.

Hole Improvements

  • Brushed out the right of the green & along the lake

Distance: 240 | 227 | 208 | 193 | 185

This long Par 3 can stretch out to 240 yards. The large chipping area in front of the green is a good landing zone from this type of distance. A well-hit shot will bounce up on the green and others will be faced with a chip and a putt to get their par.

Hole Improvements

  • Planted two trees to screen the pumps and brushed out on the right & left of the green

Distance: 328 | 290 | 258 | 232 | 198

The shortest Par 4 on this side is no easy par. An uphill tee shot must find the saddle shaped fairway. Be sure to avoid the deep fairway bunkers that run the entire right side of the hole. Good drives will leave you a short iron into the green. Be sure you avoid going long on the downhill second as trees and water naturally protect to backside of this green.

Hole Improvements

  • Improved ball location by brushing out behind the green

Distance: 427 | 407 | 364 | 256 | 248

Numerous levels of tees makes this Par 4 different each time you play. The tee shot across Legacy Lake needs to be just the right distance. Short drives will splash and drives that are too long will find the sand. The large green is often tricky to hit as the wind blows from across the lake.

Hole Improvements

  • New tee boxes added
  • Fairway widened
  • New putting green developed
  • This hole will now play as a dogleg left

Distance: 545 | 499 | 470 | 430 | 417

The finishing Par 5 can play countless different ways depending on the wind conditions and tee marker placement. This final hole is reachable in two for long hitters and those that are willing to risk cutting off the angle across the marsh. (If the wind is just right, the green may even be reachable!!). Shots left of the large tree will find the fairway and leave you an easy lay up. If you go for the green in two beware of the bunker to the right of the green and the thick brush behind the green. This interesting par 5 will yield a lot of birdies and help you end your round in style.

Hole Improvements

  • A new tee complex has been added to this hole
  • Brushed out behind & to the left of the green

An aerial view of the Dutch Legacy Brainerd golf course


Dutch Legacy

Holes 18

Par 72

6,879 Yards

View the Dutch Legacy Video

View the Dutch Legacy Scorecard

The crown jewel of Brainerd golf courses, Golf Digest has rated the Dutch Legacy at 5 stars, making it one of only 24 five-star public courses in the U.S. for 2009.

Brilliant design blends with the beauty of an Audubon Signature Sanctuary course, designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. The design showcases a skillful blend of par 3s, 4s and 5s, resulting in an exciting level of playability for all levels of golfers. At least five sets of tees are positioned on each hole.

An aerial view of Bobby's Legacy Brainerd golf course


Bobby's Legacy

Holes 18

Par 73

6,755 Yards

View the Bobby Legacy Video

View the Bobby Legacy Scorecard

This fabulous 4 1/2 star-rated (Golf Digest) Brainerd golf course was named after its famed designer, Robert Trent Jones, Jr. 

Bobbys Legacy is a shot-makers dream, featuring elevated tees with a beautiful harmony of shorter holes with longer, more traditional par 4s and 5s. The signature of the course is its many split fairways and multiple tees for the ultimate in playability for all. The beauty of dramatic lake vistas will take your breath away.

The green at the Reversible 9 Brainerd golf course

Reversible 9

Holes 9

Par 27

Clockwise: 1,365 Yards

Counter-clockwise: 1,240 Yards

View the Reversible Par 3 Scorecard

This is a unique, reversible par 3  Brainerd golf course inspired by the classic St. Andrews in Scotland. The Reversible 9s direction alternates daily and is ideal for novice, family and group play.


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