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10 Activity Ideas for Rainy Days on Vacation
10 Activity Ideas for Rainy Days on Vacation

Children having fun on a rainy day.

“I’m bored…” The official complaint of a child stuck inside on a rainy day. The despair is even louder when the rainy weather has moved in when your family is on vacation. When the weather’s not cooperating, look to these fun ideas for rainy days that can keep your children occupied on even the gloomiest of days.

  • Do not put on a movie first thing in the morning. Save the movie as an ace in the pocket for later on in the day.
  • Check the activity schedule at the resort you are staying at. Cragun’s offers activities to keep your kids happy and busy even if it’s raining outside. Some of the activities include:
    • Vacation Creations – held daily during the summer with a new craft project each day including tie-dye tee shirts, birdhouses, sand art and more.
    • Club Cragun’s – drop your child (ages 5-12) with our recreation staff for a full morning of planned activities and fun. Activities are held in the Sports Centre if it’s raining.
    • The indoor pool area at Cragun’s includes a HUGE pool and whirlpool as well as video games, pool tables, ping pong tables and a snack bar.
  • Indoor games like hide and seek, charades or card games can involve the whole family and can get very competitive if you include some “prizes” for the winners.
  • Build the ultimate fort – if you are in a hotel room or a cabin, think how exciting it would be to build a fort in a new place. Different blankets, pillows, furniture arrangements will make this fort building experience a challenge for everyone. Crawl in the fort with snacks and books for the perfect nap time escape.
  • Check out local indoor attractions in the area including shopping malls, museums, and water parks.
  • If you had the foresight to bring rain gear, get outside and enjoy the rain. Splashing around in puddles, frog and worm hunting, even a hike around the area will give you a new perspective when it’s done in the rain.
  • If it’s finally movie time, make it an EVENT. Gather snacks and drinks, pop popcorn, get in your fort; enjoy this time to be together.

Plan ahead for a rainy day on vacation and you will learn to embrace the occasional rainy day and enjoy your time as a family, no matter the weather.

Cragun’s Resort is a perfect destination for your next family vacation! Discover all of the fun Brainerd recreation options and activities offered at Cragun’s Resort.