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16 Amazing Pumpkin Carving Ideas
16 Amazing Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Having a hard time deciding how to carve your pumpkin? These amazing pumpkin carving ideas will provide you with the inspiration you need to carve your pumpkin! Here are 16 of our favorite pumpkin carving ideas for 2014.


Use a drill to decorate your pumpkins. Draw the design with a Sharpie and then experiment using different size drill bits. This also works putting words in pumpkins, i.e. take several small pumpkins and spell out “Trick or Treat” – one letter per pumpkin.


Using props to decorate pumpkins will result in great little vignettes like this front porch family.


Wrap Christmas tree lights around a jar, drill a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin for the cord, and plug in. No more worrying about keeping candles lit.


Use a rubber mallet to push a cookie cutter through the outer layer of a pumpkin. Use needle nose pliers to remove the cookie cutter. Now that you have the cookie cutter impression, finish the cut through the pumpkin with a serrated knife.


Blow up white balloons, draw faces on balloons with a Sharpie marker. Insert glow sticks, green for ghouls, orange for pumpkins, etc.


Put a small pumpkin inside of a larger pumpkin and create this pumpkin in distress!


A no-carve snowman pumpkin the whole family can put together. Caulk works well for adhering the pumpkins together. When Halloween is over, paint the pumpkins white and move into the holiday season with a few changes of accessories.

white pumpkins

Mini white pumpkins with black and white checked ribbon, felt letters or a black marker make for a very elegant centerpiece.


Using acrylic craft paint, create these candy corn pumpkins – no carving needed!


Use glow in the dark puffy paint and apply dots all over your pumpkin. Watch it light up when the sun goes down.


If you’re looking for some new, creative ideas or just not feeling inspired, there are hundreds of templates online you can use to help in carving your pumpkin.


Try carving gourds for a different looks this Halloween.


To make your porch foggy and creep the kids out, put a dish of water with a little dry ice inside the pumpkin.


Use metallic spray paint to create a sophisticated look.


Brush pumpkin with white glue, sprinkle on glitter with paper plate underneath to catch the extra glitter. Let dry completely before displaying.


Use craft supplies like buttons, ribbons and googly eyes to decorate your pumpkin.

Put your creativity to work at Cragun’s annual Pumpkin Fest celebration! We will host pumpkin carving and other family-friendly fall activities at Cragun’s Resort from October 18 through November 1.