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Poll 11
Poll 11

“Making Friends & Fun Memories For 71 Years”

What’s Your Favorite Cragun’s Memory?

1. Emily, Will You Marry Me?

2. Our Romantic Getaway?
3. First Family Winter Weekend?

4. The Big Announcement?
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1. Emily, Will You Marry Me

My boyfriend and I have been living in separate states for a couple of years. He had been trying to get a job back in the Minneapolis area to put us closer together with little luck. He had asked if I wanted to take a fishing trip with him up to Cragun’s Resort to spend some quality time together. We got up there early Friday afternoon and were able to get an early check-in. We decided to hit the ice right away to get started on our “fishing” weekend. At about 5:00 pm he said we should head in and get ready for dinner. As I was getting ready for dinner, he told me he was going to the front desk to ask for dinner suggestions…little did I know he had much more up his sleeve!

He came back and told me that the front desk attendent told him about this path you can walk on right before sunset and that deer would walk right up to you. I was very excited about it but told him I’d rather go the next day as the weather would be better. He then stated that the front desk woman stated she would only tell us tonight, and wait until tommorow to tell the other guests, so we would be the only ones out there! So I decided we better go.

We started walking down this path, but I saw NO signs of deer. He kept telling me to be patient and they will come. We kept walking, and walking. He paused for a second. As he got down on one knee, he turned me to the woods, were both of our parents stood holding a sign that said, “Emily, Will You Marry Me?”

I could not believe it!!!!!! We always talked that we wouldn’t get engaged until he got a job! He some how was able to get my parents up there without me being none the wiser. In fact, we stopped on our way up to Cragun’s to see his parents since they live on the way. They never lead on to what was about to happen a few hours later. I had talked to MY parents on the phone that day and they stated they had a busy weekend of errands to do. So I was COMPLETLY blown away when I saw them standing there, and even MORE so to see them holding that sign.

When we got back to the room, it was filled with flowers, wine, and chocolate. He had it all coordinated with the staff!! After a few screaming and crying phone calls to family and friends we all went to dinner! As I sat there at the table, not touching my food because I was still in shock, my dad asked me if there was anything that could make this day even better. I said not a thing. My FIANCE than said that he was going to try to make it better. He told me he was going to quit his job. I told him I didn’t think that was a good idea. He said, “Well I don’t think I can work two jobs at once!!”

He got a job back in Minneapolis!!! I could NOT believe it! After more crying and screaming with excitement! He said that he got a spa day for my mom and I the following day! The boys went out fishing and the girls had a nice relaxing weekend at Gull Spa! The last and following day we rented snowmobilies and went all over the resort.

It was by far the BEST weekend of my whole life, and one that I will always remember. When we left Cragun’s, I actually started to cry because of all the great memories there. I did not want to leave. I know that Cragun’s will be a place we will frequent from now one, and will always think of the resort with a smile!
2. Our Romantic Getaway
To this day I cannot say Cragun’s without a smile on my face. My husband and I stayed at Cragun’s for our honeymoon in the Winter of 2010. We rented one of the very roomy cabins on the lake. Cragun’s offers a romantic getaway package that we took advantage of those couple of days. We had the most wonderful steak dinner with other getaway couples. The restaurant was overlooking the lake and we had a lot of drinks and laughs. We rented snowmobiles, sat by a roaring fire, went on a horse drawn carriage ride and cuddled in front of the fireplace and chatted. Thanks for the memories Cragun’s, we want to come back!



3. First Family Winter Weekend

Our family visited Cragun’s for the first time this last winter. We LOVED the fireside room and the atmosphere it contributed to our family weekend. We had never been to Cragun’s and didn’t know what to expect, but instantly fell in love with the ambience; it felt like we were part owners of our own retreat center! I was really surprised to see all the people on a weekend I thought would be slow, but it turned out we were there the same weekend as the Jaycees ice fishing tournament. There was a buzz of excitement that surrounded the resort, and we were able to create a memory in the minds of our children they’ll never forget. We’ll make sure to stay for more than a day next time! Thanks, Cragun’s!



4. The Big Announcement

We scheduled a post-Christmas getaway for the family during the winter of 2004/2005. My husband and I wanted a memorable event to tell our three kids that they would be getting a new sibling. Well, it turned out the kids were indifferent, and that what they remember most of the trip was that their dad broke his arm while ice skating on the lake the next day! Regardless, we had a great time and many wonderful memories were created at Cragun’s.