Wedding guests happy they know how to save money on wedding attendances

Although wedding season brings the excitement of beautiful weddings, busy weekends, and unforgettable memories, the cost of attending weddings can take a huge dent out of your bank account. In fact, the average wedding guest will spend $673 on wedding related costs this year. If you’re in the bridal party, or the parent of a child who’s getting married, you can expect that cost to be much higher! Before you send in your RSVPs, consider the following tips for how to save money on wedding attendances during wedding season.

  • If you receive multiple invites, prioritize weddings in terms of which ones are most important for you to attend. It is extremely difficult to have to say no to one or more wedding invites but it seems like there are certain years there are more weddings than you can possibly fit in your budget. Respond promptly to each RSVP so that the wedding couple can firm up their budget as well.
  • Consider the location of the wedding, and how much it would cost you to attend. Destination and out-of-town weddings are more expensive especially if the wedding includes plane travel and several nights at a hotel, this may be either the only wedding you will be able to attend or the one you will have to say no to.
  • Just say no (to last-minute invites, or weddings that you’re not excited to attend). If you are surprised by an invitation you weren’t really expecting to receive, the logical answer is no. Perhaps you are able to attend one of the pre-wedding festivities and will be able to share your good wishes for the couple at that event.
  • Budget for wedding-related expenses before you commit. Factor in the costs of transportation, lodgings, gifts, clothing, child/pet care, etc. Consider carpooling to and from the wedding to save on transportation expenses. Also consider sharing lodging with others that are traveling for the wedding. A cabin or a suite should save money vs. getting a room of your own.
  • Plan your outfits for the wedding well ahead of time. What outfits do you already own that you could wear again? Consider alterations or new accessories to reinvent older outfits. If you need to buy new clothes, shop during clearance events. If you wait to shop until the week before the event, you may end up paying full price. If you are a member of the wedding party, consider setting a budget for the dress and inform the bride that you cannot go over that budget. If matching accessories are also required, work with your fellow bridesmaids or groomsmen to find an acceptable alternative at a reasonable budget.
  • Consider DIY gifts, which are less expensive and more thoughtful. Create a photo album or framed print for the couple; offer to take photos or videos of the wedding; use Pinterest for craft ideas. Save on wrapping paper, cards, ribbons and bows by shopping dollar stores and always having a supply on hand. Once again, running out at the last minute to buy this stuff will cause you to pay premium prices.

This is the year for you to be the bargain guru for weddings. Enjoy the weddings, look amazing, give fabulous gifts but keep your budget in mind at all times.

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