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With 67% of the votes, the winner of last week’s “Favorite Cragun’s Memory” poll was “$8,500 and A Course Record” from Mark.


One of my favorite Cragun’s memories was an annual golf weekend I do with my 3 brothers. Each year the four of us go on a golf weekend and we take turns planning the weekend.

The Cragun’s weekend was my year to plan. I have had many work meetings and family vacations at Cragun’s and wanted to bring my brothers to a great resort. As our families have grown, we have become more and more busy and it become harder and harder for the four of us to find a weekend that worked for all of us. Thus the only weekend that worked was actually the last weekend Legacy was open for golf!

Despite the very chilly Minnesota fall weather, we had a great day of golf on Saturday. We had a great dinner at the Legacy Clubhouse Bar. And we capped off a great day by sharing memories and needling each other about our lack of golf prowess, at a camp fire on the beach right outside our Lakeside Cabin.

We woke the next day with the weather turning even colder. In fact when we hit the range to warm up, the club scrub buckets were frozen solid! We found out we were the very last foursome for the season so we had the golf course to ourselves. The most memorable part of the weekend came on hole 17 on the Dutch course. A simple 135 yard par three with about a 90 yard carry over wetland. The day before, my brother Jeff took 3-4 shots to carry the wetland, which in return for that effort, took a lot of ribbing by the camp fire. As we approached the 17th tee on day 2, my other brother Dave said, “I bet Jeff makes it over on the first try.” I took him up on that for a buck. With the combination of the cold, extra clothing and Jeff’s bad back I felt I had good odds. Well the first shot was off the toe straight right and lost, so we determined that did not count, since it never approached the wetland. Of course the first attempt to carry the wetland failed, so we did a double or nothing. With each failed attempt, Jeff had an anger outburst, followed by huge belly laughs by all of us, then a futile attempt to gather his composure to attempt his shot again. As the bets continued the total pot was some where near $8,500 dollars! On the drive home we had to divide our bet to discover the score. It was somewhere around 60! Of course like all great memories the story grows larger with time but these numbers are not that far off. So even bad golf, can make great memories.

Thanks Cragun’s for a great time!