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Best Day Ever
Best Day Ever

The winner of last week’s “Favorite Cragun’s Memory” poll was “Best Day Ever” from Cindy.

Easter weekend at Cragun's Resort

“Our first visit to Cragun’s was on Easter weekend 2016, and we had a blast. From the moment we checked-in we knew that we made the right vacation choice for our family! It was such a fun family focused weekend! From the Easter egg hunt to the horse carriage ride to the campfire by the lake our family made memories that will last a lifetime! The meals were great and it gave us a chance to meet other families like ourselves! We felt right at home at Cragun’s, and we will for sure be visiting again in the future. We tried to participate in all of the fun family activities that were planned! My son and daughter’s favorite things from this weekend were seeing the Clydesdale horses and taking the carriage ride, roasting marshmallows by Gull lake, searching for the Easter eggs, playing at the Easter Extravaganza, visiting with the Easter bunny, and lots and lots of swimming! While on the carriage ride my 4 year old son leaned over and whispered “This is the best day ever!” I think that sums us our entire weekend! Thank you Cragun’s for everything you do and for providing many families with countless memories!”