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Cheering On Our Singers
Cheering On Our Singers

The winner of last week’s “Favorite Cragun’s Memory” poll was “Cheering On Our Singers” from Pam.

“I have only been on vacation at Cragun’s Resort one time. But it was one time I will always remember! My parents were about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in June of 2009 so my entire family of 21 people wanted to plan a reunion to get us altogether for this special occasion. We are so happy that we picked Cragun’s. There was so much to do, but at the same time there were many moments of relaxation. One of my favorite times was an adult evening that was spent in the lounge singing karaoke. I was there just as a spectator, but my sister and sister-in-law were in rare form. They sang their “version” of “Dancing Queen” and “Sweet Caroline” over and over. All of the guests were very nice to cheer our “singers” on, no matter what they sounded like! However, there was one older gentleman that got up from his seat and said “I just can’t listen to this again.” It was pretty funny. Another thing about this stay that I will always remember is that I was scheduled to go into the hospital for a surgery in the early part of July and was pretty nervous about it. My stay at Cragun’s was the best thing for me at that time! I had so many fun things to do and people to see that I didn’t have any time to think about what was around the corner for me. It was perfect! Mr. Cragun wished my mom and dad a Happy 50th at the poolside dinner and everyone just made us feel like we were their top priority. Thank you all for the memories we made that summer!”