‘Tis the season for planning and attending holiday parties! Whether you’ve been in charge of planning the same party every year, or you’re planning a one-time event, you want your party to be fun, memorable, and different from the rest.

If you’re planning a holiday party, make sure to include Christmas games to help entertain your guests. If you play the same game every year, try switching up with one of the Christmas games listed below! Or start a brand new tradition with a Christmas game that everyone loves.

  • Secret Santa is a great idea for offices or any organization where you see each other often during the weeks before Christmas. Draw names among those who wish to participate – but, SHHHH, keep it a secret. During the weeks before Christmas, bring little items and secretly leave them for your person – the more personal the gift the better. If your person is a closet lottery player, buy them a scratch-off ticket, if they LOVE chocolate, a nice piece of Christmas chocolate. The ideas are endless. Choose a designated end to the Secret Santa season with perhaps a party for everyone involved. Small gifts or even white elephant gifts are fun for everyone and finally, your Secret Santa identity can be revealed.
  • Pin the nose on the reindeer, Santa, snowman, anything that is seasonally appropriate. There is lots of great clip art on line for these items so all you have to do is print it out, cut out the noses, secure a blind fold and you’re ready to go!
  • Are you eager to show off your present wrapping skills? Are you fast as well as accurate? Stage a wrap the present relay race, choose a couple of judges and you’re ready to go. State the rules up front and be sure to include such things as neatness, additional decorations added like ribbons and bows, etc. Choose difficult objects to wrap to increase the challenge.
  • Everyone is familiar with the card game Spoons. Spoons is played in multiple rounds, and each player’s objective is to grab a spoon. No spoon may be grabbed until one player has collected a four of a kind, but once the first player to get a four of a kind has grabbed a spoon; all players may immediately reach out to attempt to grab a spoon. As in the game musical chairs, there is always one fewer spoon than there are players, so one player will always be left without a spoon. Substitute candy canes for spoons to add a seasonal flavor to the game.
  • Christmas Carol Pictionary – pick your favorite Christmas song and draw out key words from the song. In order to participate, the opposing team must sing the Christmas carol they think you are drawing.
  • Mystery Bags – procure 10-15 small cloth bags and attach a number to each bag. Into each bag put some common and some unusual items. These items can be related to the season or they can be common household items. Pass the bags and have everyone guess what is in the bag and write down their answers. The person with the most correct answers wins. A variation of this is to load a large tray with multiple items. Walk the tray around the room so everyone has a chance to look at it. Take the tray out of the room. Everyone now has to write down as many items on the tray as they can remember.
  • Get to know your co-workers – have each person write down something about themselves that they don’t think anyone else in the room knows. These slips of paper are turned into a moderator. The moderator reads each slip of paper and everyone guesses who wrote each item.

We love games here at Cragun’s Resort. That’s why we include Bingo games, family Olympics and other family-friendly games in our winter vacation packages! Have fun this holiday season by getting everyone involved, laughing and enjoying each other’s company with Christmas games.