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Horse Drawn Carriage Rides Are Fun For Everyone!
Horse Drawn Carriage Rides Are Fun For Everyone!

Two people standing in front of a horse drawn carriage MN

Are your kids obsessed with horses? Do you have fond memories of Budweiser commercials featuring Clydesdale horses? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ll be happy to know that horse-drawn carriage rides are a tradition at Cragun’s Resort! We partner with Kurt Jordi to offer horse-drawn carriage rides featuring majestic Clydesdale horses for up to 20 people at a time. Continue reading to learn more about this unique Cragun’s tradition!

The Clydesdale is a heavy horse originating in the Clyde Valley, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Clydesdales were brought to North America as early as the mid-1800s by Canadians of Scottish descent. Especially distinctive to Clydesdales are the white hair “feathers” which enhance their natural gait. A Clydesdale, also called GENTLE GIANT, will grow to over 2,000 pounds. The “draft horse” can pull a wagon many times its own weight and since it was bred for this type of work, is happiest when performing this service. These large horses eat 30 pounds of grain and 60 pounds of hay daily and drink 15 gallons of water per day. They also need more room (larger stall) in the barn.

Kurt Jordi has been with horses his entire life. Kurt has a farm in the rural Brainerd Lakes Area and the horses are his pride and joy. The horses live on the farm and are turned out on pasture daily.

Horse drawn carriage rides have been a tradition at Cragun’s for over 30 years. Kurt and his majestic Clydesdales have been offering rides at Cragun’s for over 15 years. During a horse drawn carriage ride at Cragun’s, our guests will load at the south beach in the summer and the marina in the winter and then take a ride along the shores of Gull Lake. Kurt typically provides a narration with many stories about the history of the resort. The horse drawn carriage rides are offered to Cragun’s guests at no charge. Sign-up sheets are available at our Welcome Party and at the front desk.

Kids and mom petting the horses after a ride on a horse drawn carriage MN

The horse drawn carriage ride is perfect for all seasons. Contact us today to make this a relaxing part of your stay at Cragun’s Resort.