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Minnesota Vacation Poll 12 – Cragun’s Resort Winter 2017
Minnesota Vacation Poll 12 – Cragun’s Resort Winter 2017
Cragun’s Brainerd Resort “Making Friends & Fun Memories For 76 Years”
What’s Your Favorite Cragun’s Memory?

1. Hanging Out With Family?
2. First Time Snowmobiling–A Must Do?
3. Want To Go Back?
4. Headed Out For A Long Ride?

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1. Hanging Out With Family

Having fun at Cragun's Resort in Brainerd, MN

My mom won a weekend trip to Cragun’s through work and she invited her daughters and our spouses/boyfriends to go with her for a weekend get away. The best part of our vacation was snowmobiling and just getting to hangout with family… we loved the pool and hot tub too! We always have the best time when we are all together. Now we are all married with kids and it would be so awesome to bring all the kids with for a little vacation.



2. First Time Snowmobiling–A Must Do

A good friend called me one morning and said “you have to come up, the snowmobile trails are freshly groomed”. I hesitated for a day (I was afraid to go snowmobiling!). I broke down, told my husband well, what do you think? He said why not? Let’s give it a shot. I called Cragun’s, I’d been there before but never in the winter. I booked their last minute deal and we drove up to try the trails out. The room was exactly what we liked! We unpacked and met our daughter who was with a friend by the Cabana bar. Me, being a chicken to try the snowmobile said to my daughter “ you go first and let me know what you think.” They hopped on and took off. I smiled knowing I could go back down by the pool and relax for a little while. When they returned it was my turn to try it out. I put on all the gear. I was so hot by the time we walked to the sled I couldn’t wait to get on! We took off and I hung on for dear life! What a smooth ride. There was no fear. The trails were all smooth, groomed to perfection through the pristine forest. The recent summer storms had knocked down a lot of trees, but the groomers cut a path through them and marked them well so you wouldn’t get lost. We stopped several times to take some wonderful pictures. Then, the amazing dinner buffet was just what we needed to regain our strength. I couldn’t wait to get up the next day and go again! Why didn’t we do this a long time ago? Don’t linger, just go!!! If the snow holds out, we WILL be back!



3. Want To Go Back

A couple of years ago we rented a cabin and did the Romantic Getaway package. The cabin overlooked the beautiful lake and the wood burning fireplace made it so very cozy. We decided to rent snowmobiles and since Cragun’s is so close to all the best snowmobile trails, we stayed out ALL DAY LONG. We had a nightcap at the bar on site and listened to some great tunes from the live band. I want to go back….I miss Cragun’s and the snowmobiles!



4. Headed Out For A Long Ride

Cragun’s is the best value, memorable and outstanding fun for every age in your family that you can have in the state of Minnesota. It doesn’t matter if you do winter, Easter, Thanksgiving, Super Saver, MEA Break, summer, whenever you go, you’ll never be disappointed. But, I would say our fond, and very funny memory, happened 7 years ago. It was our first trip there. Our son Kieran age 7 at the time wanted to ride a little Kitty Kat snowmobile, so we let him out on the little course they had on the frozen lake. It had snowbanks as bunkers so children couldn’t ride off. He got on, rode around slow and cautiously, but still running into sides. So, our daughter 4-1/2 at the time, was asked by the wonderful staff if she wanted to try. She said yes, got on and did an awesome job, fast as fast as she could go, around and around the course she went. We all took our eyes off of her to enjoy our hot chocolate by the bonfire and all of a sudden, she was out of the course and up the road. We ran after her, she stopped and said she was headed out to go for a long ride. It was serious, but we all couldn’t keep from crying from laughing so hard. Please vote for my family, I’ve been ill and just finished IV treatments in July and would love to get away to make another memorable moment at Cragun’s. God bless, the Deneffe-Fisher Family.


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