Cragun’s Brainerd Resort “Making Friends & Fun Memories For 75 Years”
What’s Your Favorite Cragun’s Memory?
1. Shaking Hands With Dutch?
2. Grandma in the Hot Tub?
3. So Many Things To Do?
4. Enjoyed Every Moment?
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1. Shaking Hands With Dutch

In front of Cragun's Resort in Brainerd, Minnesota

We have so many great memories from Cragun’s Winter Fun Fest Weekend. The greatest memories were made enjoying all the winter activities with our boys and their grandparents – snow tubing, ice fishing, skating, snowmobiling, swimming, scavenger hunt and basketball. The boys have so many great memories from that weekend, but one that comes up all the time is shaking hands with Dutch. They loved his visit to our table during Bingo! We can’t wait to plan another weekend at Cragun’s to enjoy all of Minnesota’s winter!

2. Grandma in the Hot Tub

Cragun’s has given our family many wonderful memories, but one stands out so clearly to this day. It was our first trip to Cragun’s in the winter of 2001, we had Poolside Rooms so Grandma stopped over in her white pj’s and picked up our then two year old son and took him on a walk. Well the only place he wanted to walk was in the hot tub. He jumped in and needless to say so did Grandma in her pj’s as we all sat there watching and laughing until it hurt. We will always remember the look on her face when she realized she was still in her white pj’s.

Weekend at Cragun’s: $300.00
Grandma in the Hot Tub: Priceless

Thanks Cragun’s!

3. So Many Things To Do

Cragun’s Resort is the best place to go being a single mother of two teenage children – a boy and a girl. We needed activities that we all could do together and just chill when we needed to. Choosing what to do was the hardest because they had so many things to do. We have snowmobiles at home, but transporting was impossible. So after looking on the website they had some snowmobiles there waiting for us to rent, how cool and easy. We were gone half the day out riding, each of us had our own snowmobile. It really taught my kids a lot about responsibility and gave us all a good boost of self-esteem. We got to see a herd of deer, some pheasants and other snowmobilers. The weather was perfect only 35 out and sunny. The woods so peaceful and serene with all the white as the backdrop made it a perfect day. Who could of asked for a better weekend. That night we got to have one of their favorite pizzas at the resort on them. It is even better when it is free. We went to the pool and then back to our cabin. What a perfect day just the three of us. The next day was a challenge we all decided, some reluctant to try cross-country skiing. Let me tell you the pictures we got from that adventure are memories that will last a lifetime. It took me a while to figure out how to use them and many falls in the snow later, I was getting the hang of it. My daughter on the other had would have quit right away if I didn’t tell her to keep trying. My son was a pro, but he loves downhill skiing and this was nothing for him. It is harder then people think. We did this for only a few hours or so then off to the whirlpool to rest my sore legs. Wow, I used muscles I didn’t know existed. At Cragun’s you never have to leave. The Legacy Grille had the best warm soup and sandwiches. My daughter and son loved the Hungry Gull Restaurant because of the log cabin feel inside and quick service if you just wanted a basket. As you see we all had a great time and definitely would come back again.

4. Enjoyed Every Moment

I must admit that I have not actually “vacationed” at Cragun’s although I have attended Conferences at this wonderful resort! What a place to do business and combine pleasure at the same time. Our Social Workers/Nursing Home group met there a few years ago and enjoyed every moment of our free time as well as accomplishing what we were actually there to do, work! I vowed at that time that I would be back with the family to relax and enjoy the beauty of the region, the good food, and the comfortable beds! Winning this time would be even more exciting!

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