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Minnesota Vacation Poll 8 – Cragun’s Resort Spring 2016
Minnesota Vacation Poll 8 – Cragun’s Resort Spring 2016

Minnesota Vacation Poll 8 – Cragun’s Resort Spring 2016

Cragun’s Brainerd Resort “Making Friends & Fun Memories For 76 Years”

What’s Your Favorite Cragun’s Memory?

1. Movies On The Beach–So Fun?
2. Home Away From Home?
3. The Summer of Firsts?
4. Feeding The Ducks With My Grandchild?

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1. Movies On The Beach–So Fun

Movies on the beach at Cragun's Resort on Gull Lake

So many great memories! Movies on the beach were amazing for our family! Loved the horse carriage rides, and the boat tours!


2. Home Away From Home

Our family has been visiting Cragun’s every summer for the past three years. Three generations of Lindstroms visit and it has become one of the things we look forward to the most. Starting at Christmas time, we begin counting down to our next trip! It has become a home away from home for us. We have so many fond memories, grilling by the lake, taking a pontoon boat out on the lake, the welcome party and bingo, and karaoke in the bar, but by far, my favorite memory is the moment we drove in the summer of 2015. We arrived the very first day the resort opened up again after the wind damage. We were so glad to be back, and so happy to see how much the people at Cragun’s cared and worked together to get things back in order and we were relieved to be back at our home away from home. We love Cragun’s!


3. The Summer of Firsts

Our Favorite Cragun’s Vacation Memory is our FIRST! We were given the opportunity to stay at Cragun’s Resort and Hotel on Gull Lake for the first time this past summer. We had many other firsts that week, which made for an incredibly memorable vacation. My husband attended his first professional training course using the meeting facilities at Cragun’s. The classes were located centrally, so we were easily able to meet up during break and meal times. We were both very satisfied with the free Wi-fi throughout the campus so he could do coursework, and I could keep uploading the days’ photos to Shutterfly. For the first time since our two beautiful children were born, I didn’t have to cook or clean for an entire week. The housekeeping staff were very polite, and our rooms were always very clean and tidy. The Bear Trap Lounge offered pizza and appetizers, the gift shop had ice cream, and there was a microwave and small fridge in our Lakeview Fireplace room which allowed us to bring our favorite foods and keep our leftovers cool for later. We even made a trip to the Legacy Bar and Grille and dined like kings for an evening. It was our eight-year old’s first attempt on a paddle board, and thanks to the kind gentlemen behind the desk and their quick how-to lesson, it was a very successful first attempt. Needless to say, she cannot wait to come back and do it again. To top it all off, our four-year old first learned to swim at the indoor pool when it was still freezing outside! We spent an incredible amount of time in the hot tub and at the pool, and the kids never tired of it. Maybe next time we will work on swimming sans snorkel…. lol Thanks to Cragun’s Resort and Hotel on Gull Lake, their friendly staff, and plenty of opportunities to try new things, our first week will definitely not be our last.


4. Feeding The Ducks With My Grandchild

My wife and I brought our daughter and granddaughter to Cragun’s last summer! The weather was chilly, but we had a wonderful time anyway. We loved the Welcome Dinner and seeing Dutch Cragun greet the guests at each table was a treat. My granddaughter’s favorite activity was feeding the ducks while my wife and daughter enjoyed an extra cup of coffee at the wonderful breakfast buffet. They watched and waved through the window above as we spent our quarters on duck food. It was a glorious time in spite of the storm that had just gone through. The spirit of the staff was inspiring as each recalled the night of the storm, the aftermath, and their love and loyalty for Cragun’s. As we left, Dutch was coming out and once again, he wished us well and thanked us for coming. We have been to Cragun’s many times, and each time, we are delighted with the wholesomeness and comfort of the place.


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