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With 43% of the votes, the winner of last week’s “Favorite Cragun’s Memory” poll was “Moomall Goes Ice Bowling” from Theresa.

Our family’s most memorable Cragun’s memory is when we went outside onto the ice rink and went bowling by putting team members in snow tubes and pushing them into the pins. The were many participants which made it really fun. Though what really added to the enthusiasm is that when we were at the sign up sheet, we couldn’t come up with a team name. So my husband wrote down our team name as team Moomall, which is a nickname that my son came up with for one of my daughters in his younger years. Anyway when it was our teams turn to bowl the staff loved the name and yelled out “MOOMALL” really loud, which was really funny cause that’s what everyone says when they hear that name. The actual bowling was really fun also, one team member would sit on the tube and the rest of the team would push as hard as they could, the member on the tube would stretch as much as they could to hit all the pins. This is one memory from the many Cragun’s has brought to our family and hopefully we can recieve many more!