Legacy Vacation Home at Cragun's Resort

Centrally located in the heart of Minnesota, our property is perfect for any group wanting to be together under one roof. Our unique large homes are ideal for family reunions, snowmobile trips, golf trips business retreats, and meetings. You will experience the benefits of having exclusive use of a large house in the most stunning and inspiring locations.

Legacy Vacation Home at Cragun's Resort

1. Variety and Affordability

Each Brainerd Lake cabin is different; different décor, view, amenities, etc. You can choose your cabin and preferences based on your group, whether small or large and how you want to define your Gull Lake vacation – near the beach, near the golf course, or somewhere in between. Although all of the cabins from Cragun’s are offered at affordable rates, vacationing as a group in a multi-bedroom cabin provides exceptional value. By splitting the cost of your Brainerd Resort cabin rental among several families or colleagues, each group enjoys significant cost savings when compared to booking separate accommodations.

Bayview Villas at Cragun's Resort

2. Everyone Under One Roof

When groups stay at a hotel it can be hard to really spend time together, with everyone in separate rooms. Cragun’s large cabin rentals, offer guests plenty of common areas to chat, play games, and just enjoy each other’s company. Most of our large rentals have space for 22-24 people. Everyone has heard the phrase “the more, the merrier”, and this is certainly the case when renting a multi-room cabin on Gull Lake! Families with kids of a similar age have a chance to play together and create some wonderful memories, whether swimming in the pool or challenging each other in the bean bag tournaments. Adults will enjoy laughing on the deck and playing card games by the fireplace. A multi-family vacation in a cabin combines the fun of staying together with each other with the privacy of individual rooms and bathrooms.

Legacy Vacation Homes at Cragun's Resort

3. Endless Entertainment

Cragun’s large cabins are absolutely packed with entertainment that will keep your group occupied throughout your stay. Guests will enjoy multiple big screen televisions, premium satellite stations, DVD players, and awesome game rooms. Nothing is more fun for large groups than a friendly billiards game, poker tournament, or beanbag toss competition.

Bayview Villas at Cragun's Resort

4. Large Kitchen and Dining Areas

Large cabins at Cragun’s let you enjoy a group meal in style. We know that cooking for upwards of 20 people is no easy task, so we’ve equipped our kitchens with everything you need to whip up a feast. You’ll find a fully stocked kitchen with all the appliances and tools you will need to prepare and execute your meals. Our spacious kitchens are perfect for multiple chefs, so guests can have fun making dinner together. Big cabins also have generous dining areas where everyone can dine together.

Bayview Villas at Cragun's Resort

5. Spacious Enough That You Don’t Feel Cramped

When you think about 20 people sleeping in one cabin, you may think that you are going to feel cramped during your vacation, but that is not the case. We base all of our large cabins’ sleep number on how many guests can comfortably sleep there. It is hard to feel relaxed during your vacation if you and your group feel as if you are all on top of each other, so we make sure that there are plenty of places to sleep, extra towels, blankets, pillows, and everything else you need for a peaceful group stay.

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6. More than Just a Place to Stay

Whether vacationing in the Brainerd Lakes Area with young children, teenagers or a group of adults there is truly something for everyone to enjoy. You have access to all of Cragun’s Resort facilities including lighted skating rinks, groomed snowmobile and ski trails, HUGE indoor swimming pool, indoor Sports Centre with tennis, basketball, exercise room and track, the Bear Trap Lounge and more!

Interested to stay in one of these beautiful vacation homes? Just send in your Brainerd vacation home inquiry request today and we’ll let you know all your options.