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Making the Most of Off-Season Golf Training
Making the Most of Off-Season Golf Training


As we move into the “off season” in the Midwest, most golfers put their clubs away for the winter. However, the off season is the best time of year to improve your golf swing.

As a player in a northern climate I believe you actually have an advantage over players in warmer climates.  In the winter you can commit to off-season golf training and make swing changes without having to worry about score or playing competitively.  It is much easier to totally commit to making your swing more efficient.  When you only have to concentrate on your swing, changes come much more rapidly.

Also, you can make a huge leap over the other players who are not working on their off-season golf training and you will enter the spring golf season ready for peak performance.  You don’t have to waist the spring trying to find your game!

Some of my favorite winter practice situations for off-season golf training include the following:

100 Practice Swings a Day – there are numerous benefits to making daily practice swings when you can’t get out on the course. By making very deliberate, precise, practice swings, we can change the pattern of our swings. Without the golf ball we don’t react to the ball flight and can concentrate making a more efficient motion. Make a combination of slow motion and swings at full speed. Additionally, you get great feedback if you make the swings in front of a mirror.

10,000 Putt Challenge – how much better would your putting be in the spring if you hit 10,000 putts over the winter? Between November 1st and the end of March there are 151 days or 21 weeks. If you commit to hitting 100 putts a day an average of five days a week, it is easy to reach 10,000 strokes by April.

There are some great putting mats and carpets for indoor use and you can hit a 100 putts in about 20 minutes or less.

Send me an email ( and I will send you a video every couple of weeks with tips and drills to keep this putting practice fun, interesting and effective.

Pitching and Wedge Practice – If you have access to a golf dome or one of the great indoor facilities around the Midwest, take advantage of your time there by working on pitching the ball as part of your off-season golf training. Most of these facilities have numerous targets at different distances. Find the yardages to each target and work on developing your feel for each distance.

Make this wedge practice more effective by hitting to a different target on each shot or by keeping track of how many balls it takes to hit each target.

Don’t let the winter go by without investing some time in your game. It is a great time to work on your golf swing and enter the spring ready to play great golf.

I welcome your feedback and questions. Please contact me at Chris Foley Golf Schools, 218-802-9426 or on Twitter @ChrisFoleyGolf.