With 46% of the votes, the winner of last week’s “Favorite Cragun’s Memory” poll was “One Great Vacation, One Phenomenal Wedding” from Sue.

It was 8 months ago when my sister Anne called to say she was getting married at Cragun’s Resort and was wondering if I would like to be a bridesmaid. I was so happy. I decided that we would make that our annual family vacation, leaving early to spend time skiing and snowmobiling. I immediately rented a cabin for myself, my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren- Jayden 8 and Lauren 3.

Anne and I do things a bit different than each other, I look at the price tag first, she looks at doing things with an added touch of class- befitting of her style. It turned out that Cragun’s was the perfect fit for both of us. The cabin made for an affordable family vacation, the resort for the most beautiful, detail oriented wedding I have ever seen. What made it so great, the facility- she used the Legacy; the planner- Carrie; or the bride and groom themselves?

The days preceding the wedding we were treated to the most incredible trails I have experienced in the state of MN, the kids had an endless supply of events- between swimming and dog sled rides, skiing and skating. My daughter enjoyed the luxury of working out in a fully furnished exercise area. I appreciated the fact that everything we asked for, from every Cragun’s/Legacy employee was met with the same answer- “we would be happy to take care of that for you”. Great service. Karaoke in the bar on Friday was super fun too.

With the oddity of Oklahoma battling a blizzard that almost kept Anne’s best friend and maid of honor from making the trip to Minnesota it was surprising that the remainder of the event was pulled off without any bloopers or blunders, it was just one great vacation, and one phenomenal wedding.

It is difficult to put into words. It is Anne and my brother-in-law Scott’s way of bringing people together. A new experience to start a new life. It was so powerful and overwhelming. The friends and family who traveled from every corner of Minnesota, North Dakota, Arizona, Oklahoma and Wisconsin. The children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews… all converging in the little town of Brainerd for the biggest event of the year.