It’s time to choose decorations for your outdoor wedding!  The time of year and the expected weather on the day of your event, often dictates what decorations will work. How couples’ in Minnesota decorate outside in the month of May is very different than how they decorate in October.

Select outdoor wedding decorations that will survive a light rain; avoid paper items outdoors. When hanging or placing outdoor wedding decorations make sure they are secure, so they will withstand some wind. Be mindful of the time of day the ceremony/reception will take place.  Candles, luminaries, twinkle lights really should be used at dusk or after sunset.  Flags, pennants, flowers, are best used during daylight.

If possible, visit the Minnesota wedding venue before decorations are purchased. Do some measuring and some brainstorming on what would make the most of the site. Keep in mind that outdoor wedding decorations should showcase the scenery and create interest. Decorations should complement the site rather than overpower it. Outdoor spaces are usually large, so remember that a small arrangement of flowers will simply get lost. Outdoor wedding decorations should be large enough to make an impact.

After considering the vast possibilities of specific decorations, determine your color scheme keeping in mind the colors of the bridal party attire as well as the kind and colors of the flowers used. Then consider how that works into the decorations for the wedding site. Do you want decorations to blend in or do you want them to stand alone in their color statement?

At Cragun’s Resort this summer, we have seen a number of weddings using the natural colored items like burlap and off white lace. Others have selected a more nautical theme using navy, white and red or orange as accents. Outdoor wedding decorations really come down to personal taste and the theme of the wedding. At Cragun’s, couples who marry at our beach location often have one type of decorations, while couples  getting married at our golf clubhouse venue have completely different types of decorations.

If there is a wedding coordinator/planner at your venue always consult with them. They will have countless ideas of what works and what does not work in their locale.

You’ll want to take into consideration the areas to decorate: the entrance/exit area of where guests and bridal party members will come and go; the front space where vows will be said, the space where any rituals like a unity candle or sand ceremony take place, and the aisle and chairs. You may want to even decorate the basket/box holding ceremony programs, or the large container for water that might be available to guests. There’s more to decorating than just the ceremony site!

Items to consider when decorating…

  • Arbors (which can be decorated with fabric, flowers, grapevine, lights)
  • Draped Fabric over a Canopy Structure
  • Hanging Lights, Flags, Pennants in trees, bushes or around the site structure
  • Hanging  Laterns, Decorative Balls, Strands of Flowers on Pergolas
  • Aisle Runner, or Flower Pedals laid down to create an aisle look
  • Potted Trees, Flower Arrangements (don’t forget stands or pedestals)
  • Shepherd’s Hooks along the aisle to hold flowers or candles
  • Tiki Torches

The options are limitless…just use your creativity and work within your budget.

The experienced wedding planners at Cragun’s Resort offer wedding planning services to help simplify the wedding planning process! Enjoy every bit of the wedding planning process when you host your wedding at Cragun’s Resort.