There is no perfect time to plan a wedding. Between work, showing off the ring to friends, and choosing a Minnesota wedding venue — there’s hardly any time left to pick all of the elements of your special day.

But wedding planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Pinterest can help you get excited about planning your Minnesota wedding! Below are a few tips on how the social network can help you throw an amazing wedding:

  • Go Board Crazy: create a new board for each element of your special day. These can be everything from flowers to runways, to shoes, how to deal with guests and your cake. As a bride-to-be, you are probably spending a fair amount of time browsing on the internet. Organizing and “pinning” your thoughts with the different boards will give you one place to refer back to and you can then start editing and clarifying for yourself what you want your day to look like. Planning each element on Pinterest can help make your wedding a day to remember!


  • Follow the Leader: follow a bunch of different boards in each of your areas, to see more creative ideas to help make your wedding amazing. Following other people’s Pinterest wedding boards is great in the initial stages for brainstorming ideas and helping to define what your theme will be. Everyone from the florist to the pastry chef will want to know if you are traditional or contemporary, urban or rustic, etc. You want your wedding to be seen as a public expression of your unique taste and personality.
  • Ask Jeeves (or Your Friends): We all know pinning can get a bit out of control. Ask your friends which ideas they like better to help narrow down potential ideas and start pulling your wedding together. Inviting friends to comment on your pins and even add pins of their own should help you recognize if you are on the right track with your planning. You are not soliciting negative feedback; rather, your friends can communicate with you in an easy, time-saving manner.
  • Be Aware of Wedding Don’ts: Make a board for things you don’t like, ideas you know you absolutely do not want in your day, and things to avoid (or not forget).


  • Create one board with your final picks. Once the research portion is done, it’s time to start making some firm decisions. This normally happens 4-6 months prior to the wedding. Take a look at all of your past pins and only pin your very favorite to this board. You will probably want to carefully select who has access to this final board. You have undoubtedly had a lot of feedback up to this point and that’s probably enough. Also, you want to keep in mind the element of surprise and save some of your best ideas as a surprise for everyone.

Follow our Cragun’s Weddings Pinterest board for more ideas on making your wedding a perfect once in a lifetime experience.