Although the “Brides of June” once ruled the roost, more brides are choosing to plan winter wonderland weddings because, not only does “winter white” just make sense for a wedding but:

  1. Since winter is wedding “off-season,” many vendors offer winter discounts
  2. Winter is the perfect time to take a honeymoon somewhere warm
  3. A winter wedding will give you and your guests something to look forward to during the dark days of winter

A make-sense theme for this time of year is the winter wonderland wedding. Winter wonderland weddings involve simple but visually stunning aesthetics. Imagine the white of your gown against the white of the snow, the twinkle of holiday lights and the dark contrast of bare winter branches. Now you’re thinking like a winter wonderland bride. We hope that the following considerations will help you plan an elegant and organic winter wonderland wedding.

Choosing a date in the winter should be fairly easy. It’s always best to stay away from holidays. Although people do have time off, it is typically already spoken for. The months of January-March are usually wide open and will give you a variety of venues to choose from.

At Cragun’s Resort, we do winter weddings on the Sun Deck, in the Lakeshore Room, or at Cragun’s Legacy Courses in the Pavilion. If you are really a snow lover, plan a quick ceremony outside and then move it into a warm and inviting inside space. Be sure to forewarn your guests so they can dress appropriately.

Choosing a color scheme for a winter wedding offers lots of opportunities. Blue, gold and red accents tend to look stunning with white. Choose flowers that are available in the winter season and let that be your guide for color. Check out these stunning images from Tulle and Chantilly:


Choose winter decorations that highlight the season you are celebrating. Many of these ideas can come at little to no cost such as bare branches and twinkle lights. Check out these additional ideas from Pinterest:


Keep the centerpieces simple by integrating natural winter elements like cranberries or cinnamon sticks. Check out these pretty examples from Exclusively Weddings:


Natural elements like pinecones can also be incorporated into your wedding favors. Here are some more winter wedding favor ideas from Bridal Guide:


Finally, choose winter accessories – this might be a great time to wear fur! Here are some warm wrap ideas:


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