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Planning a Babymoon
Planning a Babymoon

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For expectant parents, a babymoon is essentially a time to get away and celebrate your life as a couple before the new baby arrives. These travel pointers will help you make the most of your getaway.

Being pregnant is a happy — and hectic — time. Chances are you’ve been in overdrive lately — running to doctor’s appointments, shopping for baby gear, stocking up the freezer. One antidote to the hubbub: a timely trip-for-two that’ll give you and your baby daddy a chance to catch your breath and do some serious couple bonding before your bundle arrives. So what makes the difference between a relaxing retreat and one that leaves you ragged instead of refreshed? Read on.

Time it right

No one wants to travel early on in a pregnancy if you are experiencing morning sickness. At the other end of the spectrum, it is difficult to travel late in the pregnancy when you are experiencing swollen ankles and overall having a difficult time getting around. That’s why the sweet spot for a babymoon is during the second trimester (weeks 14 through 28), when you’re past the queasies but not too big to get around easily.

Make low-stress travel arrangements

Flying to your destination? Try to stick to nonstop flights (you really don’t want to be running for connections) and request an aisle seat so those (frequent) bathroom trips are easier to manage. Planning a road trip? Choose a babymoon spot within a reasonable driving radius (say four or five hours) and stop every hour to stretch your legs.

Dial in some downtime

When picking your destination, go for a place that offers opportunities for serenity along with pregnancy-friendly activities. Cragun’s Resort offers lakeview fireplace rooms where you can snuggle up in front of the fire, watch movies, play games or just read and relax. Numerous activities are offered including horse drawn trolley rides and evening karaoke when you are ready to get out of your room. There is also lots of great shopping in nearby Brainerd/Baxter, Nisswa and Pequot Lakes.

Schedule some spa time

In just a few months, “me” time will essentially become a thing of the past, so use your babymoon to baby yourself. Cragun’s offers a spa package especially for the mother-to-be that includes a scalp massage, full body moisturizing treatment, face massage of choice and 15 minute back and neck massage. Book our couples massage room and make sure your significant other gets the star treatment at the same time.

Check out the eats ahead of time

Before you book a stay, glance over the menus of nearby restaurants to make sure the chow sounds yummy, or at least isn’t filled with foods you can’t bear right now. It might be more convenient to book a room with a kitchen so you don’t have to plan on eating all of your meals out. Also check with the property you are visiting to see if you can schedule a romantic dinner for two during your stay. Bring along some munchies to satisfy those middle of the night cravings.

It’s important to set aside some time to nurture your relationship, reconnect with your partner, and enjoy time alone before the big day. Make sure you plan your babymoon to include all of these elements.

Treat yourself before your baby is born! Learn more about Cragun’s Resort’s special babymoon package for expecting mothers and their partners.