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Selecting the Best Walleye Fishing Rods
Selecting the Best Walleye Fishing Rods

Walleye Fishing

Maine is famous for its lobster, Alaska is known for its salmon, and in Minnesota we have walleye. Not only are walleye tasty, they’re also challenging and fun to fish for. If you enjoy fishing for walleye in particular, it’s time to invest in a walleye fishing rod. Walleye fishing rods are different than other fishing rods as they are more sensitive, usually lighter and can provide fishermen with flexibility to target walleye in a number of different ways.

Action Level

There are a few different actions to look for with a walleye rod – medium-heavy, medium, medium-lite and light. Choose an action level based on the environment and time of year that you typically fish for walleye. If you are fishing a lot of deep water or fishing a river with heavy current, you might want to go to a medium heavy or medium action rod. If you are fishing mainly lakes where the fishing takes place in 5-12 feet of water, the medium-lite to lite action will work best.


The different styles of fishing will also affect the type of rod you are looking for. Jigging, probably the most popular style of fishing, depends on the tip action which is the key to a good jigging rod. There are 3 basic types of tip action: X-fast, fast and moderate. This refers to where in the rod you get your hook setting power. If you use a fast-action tip, you have the hook setting power more toward the tip of the rod. On the moderate tip, it is more toward the middle. The other factor is the length of the rod. Most people like to jig with a rod in the 5’5” to 6’ range. This type of rod is easy to handle, light weight and stiff enough to set the hook.

Live Bait Rigging

Another style of fishing is live bait rigging rods. When it is rigging time, the walleyes are usually in the deep water of mid-summer. Typically, this will mean you will have a lot of line out and you are going to need a lot of backbone to set the hook. This is where the x-fast action tip will come into play. You have a lite tip so when you get that bite you can feel him without the fish feeling you, and you have the hook setting power to really bury that hook. You will also want to consider a longer, 7’ rod for this scenario. When you use a longer rod in the deep water you get a more sweeping hook set and more power on it.


For trolling, select a 7’ to 7’6” lite action rod – you want your rod to really bend when you get a strike otherwise you can pull the hooks right out of their mouths.

Shopping for walleye fishing rods is easy when you know what to look for. A good walleye fishing rod will help you fish more comfortably for years to come and you may even catch more fish!

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