With 72% of the votes, the winner of last week’s “Favorite Cragun’s Memory” poll was “Some of My Favorite Childhood Memories” from Erica.

“Hello, my name is Erica, some of my favorite childhood memories are from Cragun’s Resort. I grew up in a family that loves motor sports, so we came to Cragun’s every year while the NHRA National Event was taking place in August. It was always a battle of going to the races or staying at the resort and swimming and canoeing on the lake. My Mom wasn’t a big camping person, in fact, we never went camping, so this was the closest we ever got to the “camping feel” of the outdoors. I looked forward to it every year, the peaceful property, beautiful lake, it was just a dream world for me as a child. I would love to re-live those memories and create them with my own family of four now. Of course we love the races still too, that is forever in our blood. I can’t tell you how much I love the outdoors, fishing, swimming, hiking and I love sharing it with my kids. Respectfully, thank you for the great memories. That is what it is all about, making memories for our family to carry on to the next generation.”