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With 56% of the votes, the winner of last week’s “Favorite Cragun’s Memory” poll was “Special Memories Grow More Precious Each Passing Year” from Francine.

Seven years have passed since we travelled to Cragun’s for a northern Minnesota style get-together with my husband’s sister and her family (back to his hometown state in God’s Country). It was a celebration of his 70th birthday and a chance for our families to reunite and enjoy time with each other. We filled several cabins along the lake and what a memorable and happy time we had reminiscing around the nightly bonfires, telling stories and laughing, enjoying group dinners together, boating and fishing, playing Bingo, enjoying animal shows, gazing into the star studded night sky, and even being rewarded with glimpses of the Northern Lights.

These all are now memories that have become very special and close to everyone’s heart.

We captured the time in photos and looking back at them the memories come to rekindle in our hearts. What now makes this gathering at Cragun’s so very special is that two of our family members have bid farewell. Our reunion was time well spent and we are now being blessed with looking at the group photo of “our family in 2003″….a celebration of life has now become a thanksgiving for our time together.