With 52% of the votes, the winner of last week’s “Favorite Cragun’s Memory” poll was “Never Laughed So Hard” from Shelley.

My favorite memory was when my family (husband and three children) took my mom, dad and grandma up to Cragun’s for a getaway. We took my dad fishing and I never laughed so hard. He couldn’t catch anything and I couldn’t stop catching fish! When I was younger my dad always told me if I fished in the back of the boat, I would never get caught in the motor (I seemed to every year!). Well, what did he do? He got caught in the motor AND he was in the back of the boat. We had a good laugh over that one! My dad and grandma loved the animal show and my mom, dad and grandma loved the hayride and pontoon tour. It was perfect for them! We lost my dad last year and will always cherish our fun memories at Cragun’s!! Thanks Cragun’s for always making it so special!