Evening cruise on the Gull Lake Cruises yacht North Star

TAKING A BOAT TOUR IS a must-do when visiting the Brainerd Lakes area, as it gives you a one-of-a-kind way to enjoy Minnesota’s premier waterway, Gull Lake, in both comfort and luxury. Whatever draws you to the water–whether you’re looking for a leisurely way to take in nature and feel the wind in your hair, or seek the ultimate lakeside gathering spot to drink and dine, or maybe cruising on a luxury yacht tops your bucket list, Gull Lake Cruises can make the memory happen.

Here are TEN THINGS TO DO IN BRAINERD this summer to make an unforgettable memory on the water aboard a luxury cruise boat…


Photo of a loon family

1. The Ultimate Photo Op

Whether it’s a “do it for the gram” selfie, or a breathtaking sunset, Gull Lake Cruises provides an unmatched location to capture a remarkable photo. With the 360 degree views from the yacht’s upper deck, every angle affords a perfect position for recording memories – from a video of loons dancing on the lake to that once-in-a-lifetime family reunion shot, an ordinary image becomes extraordinary on Gull Lake Cruises.


Couple announcing their engagement on a Gull Lake Cruise

2. Time for Breaking News

Making a change in life? Announcing an engagement? Baby on the way? Retirement date set? Whatever newsworthy adventure you might be embarking on, announce your special moment to family and friends on the Gull Lake Cruises. A leisurely Gull Lake Cruise is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and share all your exciting details and future plans with everyone at the same time yet in a uniquely intimate and memorable way!


Women celebrating on a Gull Lake Cruise

3. Unforgettable Bachelorette Party

When you are in charge of planning a bachelorette party that is unique and fun, what could be more memorable than hosting the party on a luxury 65-foot yacht! Join a public cruise with live music and planned entertainment, or rent the whole boat for your besties, the Gull Lake Cruises staff will help you create a one-of-a-kind, never-to-forget event!


Theme dinner cruise aboard the Gull Lake Cruises yacht, North Star

4. Groom’s Dinner Cruise

Be it the grand kickoff to the wedding festivities, or a stress-free way of bringing people together before the big day, join together aboard the Gull Lake Cruises yacht on Gull Lake. Cruising is a unique, intimate, fun way for family and friends to toast and dine together. The Gull Lake Cruises’ staff will ensure that everything is taken care of, so all you have to do is sit back and just enjoy the moment.


Wedding aboard the Gull Lake Cruises yacht, North Star

5. Dream Come True Wedding

When looking for a memorable wedding venue in Brainerd MN, consider a wedding on the water. A cruise wedding offers an unforgettable experience, especially when hosted on the luxurious 65 ft. Gull Lake Cruises yacht. It’s the perfect weatherproof option, too, with a fully enclosed first level, you can celebrate in the grand outdoors as you tie the knot in complete inside comfort. The Gull Lake Cruises provides full-service catering, state-of-the-art audiovisual and lighting, seating for 90 passengers, and an experienced crew to ensure all of your dreams come true.


Family reunion enjoyed aboard a Gull Lake Cruise

6. Make Waves at Your Family Reunion

Finally, everyone is together in one location, and all you want to do is reconnect without having to manage activities, cook, or track people down to capture that group photo! The perfect plan? Host your next reunion on the luxurious Gull Lake Cruises yacht. Cruising Gull Lake is a unique and exciting venue enjoyed by all ages. The staff of the Gull Lake Cruises yacht will take care of everything – from the initial planning to all the activities such as games, videos, music and more, to themes, food and festive drinks. Time together is precious – cruising makes that time work-free, stress-free, and memorable for all.


Concert cruise aboard the Gull Lake Cruise yacht, North Star

7. Cruising with the Stars

Do you like Elvis, Frank Sinatra, or Jimmy Buffet? How fun would it be singing and dancing to their hits under the stars? Well, dance away you will on a concert cruise aboard the Gull Lake Cruises luxury yacht. Great, live music with two on-board, full-service bars make this a one-of-a-kind party on Gull you’ll always remember. The Jimmy Buffet Parrot Heads Cheeseburger in Paradise cruise and the Tribute to Elvis cruise are just two events favored in the Brainerd Lakes area. Or, for a stellar way to celebrate a milestone or themed birthday, rent the entire yacht and host a blowout musical bash! The Gull Lake Cruises staff can help with all the arrangements to make this “only happens once” event one for the memory books.


Company team building event aboard the Gull Lake Cruises yacht, North Star

8. Getting Your Team to “Sea” Eye-to-Eye

While team building is undeniably the best way to strengthen employee relationships and team spirit, participating in physical or competitive group activities is not always enjoyed by all. Why not try a relaxing, fun venue when planning your next company event? A team outing aboard the Gull Lake Cruises yacht on Gull Lake is a stress- free meeting that everyone can enjoy, especially the planner! The staff of Gull Lake Cruises, with years of planning experience, can help you create the perfect company event with none of the usual worries and stress.


Themed kid's party on the Gull Lake Cruises yacht, North Star

9. Adventures at Sea with the Grandkids

Calling all pirates and mermaids, sailors and sea creatures too…come aboard and join our imagination cruise! You’ll be the coolest grandma or grandpa (or mom and dad, too) when you take your seaworthy kiddos on a themed party aboard the Gull Lake Cruises yacht. It’s one of the best family things to do in Brainerd, MN. Kids can come dressed in their favorite costume, or we can provide the accessories. Fun and games, food and entertainment are included in each adventure on the sea. Book one of the public kid’s themed cruises or rent the whole boat for a personal birthday extravaganza! Talk with the Gull Lake Cruises staff, and they can create a never-to-forget event for your little ones!


Gull Lake Cruises, best way to party on Gull Lake in Brainerd, MN

10. Get Your Party On Gull Lake

Is it your turn to host the party? Are fear and panic setting in? Looking for fun things to do in Brainerd? Gull Lake Cruises turns that fear to fun with a host of ideas for themes. The staff is there to plan every detail, ensuring that you have as much fun at the party as your guests! Whether it’s a sunset dinner cruise or a morning brunch cruise, a Taco Tuesday cruise or a TGIF voyage, the Gull Lake Cruises yacht on Gull Lake is at the ready to party on and make a memory!

SO COME ABOARD THIS SUMMER because we all know being on the water makes us happier – it just always seems to draw people together to relax, to celebrate, to smile. Gull Lake Cruises has so many ways to make your water gatherings memorable, resulting in more fun and bigger smiles. Ready to experience a unique and entertaining time on the water this summer in Minnesota? The team at Gull Lake Cruises is at the ready, too, with a list of ideas perfect for you – from scheduled public events to private charters for those special occasions. Give a call at 833-232-0317, or go online at www.gulllakecruises.com and learn more about Gull Lake Cruises summer fun on the water in Brainerd!