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Top 5 Fond Memories from Childhood
Top 5 Fond Memories from Childhood
Summer is notorious for thwacking flip-flops, day-long games of golf, smoky BBQs and juicy fresh fruit that attracts pesky bees—but we want so badly to eat in the outdoors, that we ignore that fact. As the season is still hanging on by the weather but we’ve officially passed the “Labor Day” cutoff, we reflect on not just this past summer but also the ways we used to spend the sun-filled season. Here are some of our fondest summertime memories from childhood:
1.) Lakeside Vacation with Your Family
We soaked up the sun, told inside family jokes that no one else would understand, and sat around telling campfire stories at night. These are what make lakeside vacations at our Brainerd Resort so memorable.
2.) Catching fireflies off the dock
We stood dangerously close to the edge of the dock, with our arms stretched so far they couldn’t possibly go any further, hoping that the little lightning bug would happen to fly into our jar and stay there long enough to slam the lid on.
3.) Spending Hours in the Car Playing the License Plate Game
Eagerly staring out the window, riding in the car on the way to vacation with the family, we’d play the license plate game, hoping to be the one who saw a state plate no one had seen yet – and then suffering the pain of defeat when our sibling saw and announced it first.
4.) Turning Prune-y From Spending So Much time in the Water
From plunging into the cool waters of Gull Lake, playing Marco-Polo, and relaxing in the whirlpool, pruned fingers and toes are part of what makes summertime so wonderful.
5.) Learning to Fish with Dad
We remember when Dad would take us out on the lake to go fishing, casting our lines only to accidentally hook it on the opposite side of the boat – or the times when all we “caught” was seaweed – but that proud moment when Dad helped us take our very first fish of the day off the line made it all worth it.
With our fall fun packages it’s not too late to recreate these memories, or make your own. Share your favorite summertime memories in the comments below!