The winner of last week’s “Favorite Cragun’s Memory” poll was “Triplets Loved Camp Cragun’s” from Erin.

“Since the birth of surprise spontaneous triplets in 2008, our family has not been able to take a true family vacation with the 7 of us all together until last summer. Yay – we were so excited!! In July, we were finally able to sneak up and get away to Cragun’s for a few days! All 4 days were awesome, just being able to relax and have fun together without the distractions of everyday life. Our five year old triplets loved Camp Cragun’s (as did I!). The horse trolley ride was a neat experience for the kids (even if a little stinky). Learning how to fish (off the dock AND in a boat!) from dad was a crowd favorite, as was swimming. One memory thing that sticks out in particular was parking the boat on a sand bar and hunting for “special rocks” to bring home and polish in our rock tumbler. I will never forget the excitement and commitment to find the best rock ever (no competition between siblings at all – wink wink). They are still talking about Cragun’s as their #1 summer memory – we cannot wait to come back!”