fish tales

Fish Tales

Enjoy the fish tales below and don’t forget to check out Gull Lake Marina at Cragun’s for everything you need to start making some tales for yourself! Once you do, send ’em on over, we would love to add your tales to our collection– even if they are a bit tall!


“Gull Lake is one of the best lakes in central Minnesota. The walleye fishing is great and we enjoy fishing for bass and northern pike as well. Cragun’s makes it easy by combining great fishing along with a professional and experienced team of guides to make a great fishing package for anyone.”

– Greg Norman

“We have been attending Royal’s fishing seminars at Cragun’s for many years. My son and I take two to three fishing trips per year and we really enjoy Cragun’s new fishing packages.”

– Dick Collins

 “Royal Karels, who has guided for over 40 years, can take you where the fish are. All you need to bring is yourself.”

– Tim Sartell

“Although we consider ourselves casual fishermen, Royal’s seminars are informative for both beginners and experienced fisher persons alike.”

– Steve Moore

“A fishing trip with Royal is always an enjoyable, relaxing and successful experience on the water-no matter the weather or fishing condition.”

– Bob Borovansky