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  1. Early season walleyes on Gull Lake are best taken with minnows.
  2. When walleye fishing, always fish the particular structure where the wind is blowing onto the shallow water.
  3. All you need to fish with a guide is a fishing license, available at Cragun’s Marina.
  4. The best early season walleye fishing runs from mid-May to July 4th.
  5. The best fishing opportunity on Gull Lake is bass, from the opener to late September. The reason is because of the strong catch and release ethic of the anglers.
  6. For northern pike, it isn’t necessary to go any farther than Steamboat Bay on Gull.
  7. The far southern bays of Steamboat, Pike, Van Sickle and Wilson are my favorites for bass and panfish.
  8. If you want panfish, don’t overlook the great dock fishing for kids at Cragun’s.
  9. My favorite bass lure is a mushroom head jig with a plastic worm.
  10. For the best walleye fishing, try Gull Lake in September and October, using a jig and minnows.