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Family Reunions Checklist: Planning a family reunion
Family Reunions Checklist: Planning a family reunion


Planning a family reunion can be an overwhelming task. With so many activities to plan and family members to please, it helps to have a family reunion checklist handy to help you ensure that you are prepared for anything and everything.

Start planning for your family reunion a year in advance so that your family members can keep their calendars open and you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. Use the family reunion checklist below to ensure that your family reunion is well-planned and executed.

  • Organize a planning group. Hopefully this group will include people that you can connect with easily, usually via e-mail, and that you can depend on when handing out assignments.
  • Choose a leader. If you do not choose to be the leader, be sure to choose someone who is excited and eager to take on this challenging task. It is helpful to have someone who is used to delegating responsibilities and following through on every detail. You might also want to consider co-leaders so the responsibility can be shared.
  • Develop an e-mail list for key contacts within the family. This will be your most efficient and timely means of communication. Consider adding “read receipts” to your e-mails so you know they have been delivered and read. Once the e-mail chain has been established, your first step will be deciding on a date that will work for everyone. You can also consider setting up a Facebook page for the family that you can update on a regular basis and other family members can post to it as well.
  • Set a budget. You will need to set up an account that will handle the family reunion finances. This account will cover such things as deposits for lodging and/or meals, invitations and postage if you are going that route, family t-shirts, memorabilia posters or books, and a photographer.
  • Select and reserve a family reunion destination and the lodging and event facility that will accommodate your group. If possible, arrange a tour of the facility prior to booking it to insure that it will meet all your needs.
  • Send out invitations. Whether you are sending invitations via e-mail, Facebook or regular mail, it is important to get them out as soon as the facility has been booked. You want to give everyone as much notice as possible so you have the largest attendance possible.
  • Decide which meals will be catered and eaten at the facility you’ve chosen and which meals will be handled by family members. Planning 3-4 meals that everyone is involved in is a big undertaking. Most families are going to appreciate some meals being planned for them, but want the freedom to choose their own eating arrangements for the most part. For those meals being handled by family members, delegate the dishes you want each family to handle keeping in mind any “specialties” that family members are famous for.
  • A member of the planning team should be in charge of the family reunion activities. This should include activities for all ages and plenty of down time for people to simply reconnect. If special equipment, games, etc. is needed, this team member should be responsible for securing it and bringing it to the family reunion.
  • Develop a Schedule of Events/Agenda for the length of your time together. There are certain events that everyone will want to attend. Providing the information upfront will assure that no one is disappointed.
  • The planning committee will probably want to arrive at the chosen facility prior to everyone else arriving – possibly even the day before. Any decorating that needs to be done can be completed before the first arrivals. Plan a welcoming committee to greet guests as they arrive so everyone feels a part of the group from the beginning.

We hope that this family reunion planning checklist will help you enjoy your family reunion! Get more tips on how to plan a family reunion from Cragun’s Resort.