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Team Building Activities at Cragun's Resort, Brainerd
Team Building

Team Building Inspired by Minnesota

Cragun's Resort offers engaging team building activities that foster stronger relationships and collaboration. With a variety of land and water activities, we aim to enhance communication, trust, cooperation, and problem-solving skills. These team-building experiences not only enhance your event,  but contribute to improving work performance and fostering a positive environment. Join us for an unforgettable corporate retreat on Gull Lake in the heart of Minnesota.

Team-Building-Ice-Breakers at Cragun's Resort Brainerd Minnesota

Team Building & Ice Breakers

  • Pick 2 - $250
  • Pick 3 - $375
  • Pick 4 - $500 plus one icebreaker
  • Icebreakers
    • The Shouting Game
    • Hello Kitty
    • Cross the Circle
  • Team Building
    • The Newlywork Game
    • Strength Building Exercise
    • Spider Web
    • Speed Bump
    • Snowball
    • Egg Drop
    • Cover Story
    • Blind Square
    • Appreciation Exercise
Ice Breakers at Cragun's Resort Brainerd Minnesota

Ice Breakers

  • The Shouting Game

    Gather your group in a circle for this entertaining game. The objective is to avoid making eye contact with a chosen person, as eye contact means both must shout wildly and jump back, resulting in elimination. This light-hearted game is guaranteed to spark laughter and infuse your group with energy.

  • Hello Kity

    In this quick and entertaining group game, participants take on the roles of "kitties" and "puppies." The challenge for the puppies is to make the kitties smile or laugh. The last kitty who manages to keep a straight face wins the showdown!

  • Cross the Circle

    In this enjoyable activity, participants interact to discover shared interests and similarities, fostering a sense of unity within the group.

  • Count Up

    In this brief yet engaging exercise, group members must collectively count to a specified number, taking turns randomly, and ensuring that no two individuals speak simultaneously. While the task is simple, it requires focus, composure, and awareness. This exercise effectively fosters a sense of collective calm and focused energy within the group.

Team Building Activities at Cragun's Resort Brainerd Minnesota

Team Building

  • The Newlywork Game

    Inspired by the classic 1960s show, "The Newlywed Game," this team-building activity challenges employees to test their knowledge of their colleagues' traits and preferences, strengthening the bonds within the team.

  • Strength Building Exercise

    Incorporate this engaging exercise into your team-building activities to enhance self-esteem, mutual trust, and recognize the value of each team member's achievements and skills. It's a powerful way to build confidence and camaraderie.

  • Spider Web

    Get moving and energize your team with this dynamic team-building game. It's a fantastic way to infuse enthusiasm and camaraderie among participants.

  • Speed Bump

    Speed Bump is an engaging obstacle-avoiding game that challenges your team to work together and communicate effectively. It's not just a fun game but a valuable team-building exercise.

  • Snowball

    Here's a fantastic activity that gets everyone up and moving in a playful way while fostering mutual understanding. It's versatile and adaptable to various topics and stages of your group's journey.

  • Egg Drop

    Enjoy a lively and engaging game that not only helps strangers connect but also promotes team communication, collaboration, and strategic thinking. This versatile activity is suitable for both breaking the ice and enhancing teamwork.

  • Cover Story

    A favorite team building activity, Blind Square is the ultimate choice. Its consistency in delivering results makes it a standout for fostering team cohesion. While not an original creation, its versatility and adaptability shine through, guaranteeing a rewarding experience every time. Shape your team's success with this timeless activity.

  • Appreciation Exercise

    Recognizing your strengths through the eyes of your peers is a potent way to kindle self-assurance and motivation. By sharing and celebrating your strengths towards the culmination of a workshop, you not only boost your own spirits but also foster a positive sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Embrace this empowering practice, and leave with your head held high, knowing your worth and appreciating the strengths that unite your team.

Health Wellness Activities at Cragun's Resort, Brainerd

Health & Wellness Activities

Discover a holistic approach to team bonding and relaxation while deepening connections within your group through yoga, breath work, and meditation sessions. Find balance and tranquility that transforms your corporate retreat.

  • Yoga with Jillian
    • 1-20 People
    • Inspire your group with corporate wellness activities, including yoga, wellness workshops, breath work, journaling, meditation, and nature walks.
  • Organized Mind with Darla Swanson
    • 10-200 people 
    • Enhance your corporate retreat with wellness workshops and engaging discussions. Explore breathwork and meditation, reconnect with nature through guided walks, or engage in journaling sessions to promote mindfulness and well-being.
Beach Bonfires at Cragun's Resort, Brainerd

Beach Bonfires

Plan a delightful evening of fireside chats on the beach with a crackling bonfire. We'll provide all the essentials for making s'more making or indulging in happy hour beverages. S'more kits are available for $25, serving up to 10 people. Enhance your experience with beachside beverage coolers for an additional charge and a minimum drink order.

Land Activities at Cragun's Resort, Brainerd

Land Activities

Whether you're looking to break the ice or organize a team tournament, we've got you covered with activities ranging from pickleball to disc golf, and scavenger hunts to cornhole.

  • Group Olympics
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Volleyball Tournament: Complimentary
  • Pickleball Tournament: Available upon request
  • Corn Hole Tournament
  • Scavenger Hunts, Trivia or Clue
Water Activities at Cragun's Resort, Brainerd

Water Activities 

Treat your team to the allure of Gull Lake, with summer water activities that inspire connection and team building. Keep your crew entertained with everything from kayaking to banana boat rides and to music cruises.

  • Water Group Olympics.
  • Banana Boat Rides.
  • Paddle Board, Kayak or Canoe.
  • Capture the Flag on the Water.
  • Boat Regatta.
  • Gull Lake Cruise Happy Hour or Music Cruise , Private or Public options available.