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The Lehman 18 Course Cragun's Resort, Brainerd
The Lehman 18

The Lehman 18 Course

The "Lehman 18" is Tom's signature 7,400-yard championship golf course. This beautiful course layout moves perfectly through a 1,000-acre wooded sanctuary working its way around Stephens Lake and through many natural wetlands, a true Minnesota backdrop. The 18-hole course features challenging fairways, playful greens, and tee boxes for all levels.

Hole 1 Par 4 430 430 400 377 332 313

A generous starting hole with a large fairway to aim at.   Just avoid the fairway bunker positioned at the end of the fairway on the right side of the hole.  A solid drive should leave you with a short to mid iron left to the hole.  The green is also very spacious with a large chipping surround available on missed approach shots.

Hole 2 Par 5 618 562 543 505 488 422

Bombs away on this very long Par 5.  The fairway is straight away with no trouble except for the tree line on the right & left side.  Big hitters can carry the hill and get a little extra roll on the end of their drives.  Those who choose to lay up will have a decision to make with the lake creeping next to the fairway around the 150-yard marker.  To be safe, position your layup near the 165-yard mark.  The green has three tiers so hitting on the proper tier is critical.

Hole 3 Par 3 219 219 203 185 137 117

After the tough 2nd hole, Lehman provided some relief with this straight away bunker free Par 3.  The only trouble to avoid is the lake which protects the entire right side of the hole.  Make sure to investigate the pin placement before you swing with this long, slender green stretching out from front to back.

Hole 4 Par 5 627 589 539 522 496 442

You're not able to relax too long with another long, Par 5 to conquer.  This beautiful hole calls for a drive up the left side of the fairway to avoid the well positioned trio of fairway bunkers.  A long drive will find a slingshot bounce allowing the big hitter the chance to get home in two shots.  The green complex is very forgiving with a bowl shape around the green.  To play it safe, hit your approach shot a little long and the bounce will take you back onto the green.

Hole 5 Par 4 369 369 327 306 250 208

Risk reward is the name of the game on this Par 4.  There is a small gorge of trouble stretching across the fairway at the 100-yard marker.  Choose to hit a long iron short of the trouble to have 125 yards left or bomb your drive over the trouble to possibly bounce it on the green.  This green slopes front to back which brings a miss long into play.

Hole 6 Par 3 178 159 147 130 120 117

Sit back and enjoy this peaceful Minnesota backdrop before deciding on what club to hit on this downhill Par 3.  The green is guarded by a large bunker and wetland surrounding the green.  The only place to miss your shot is to the right-hand side.  The green has many subtle tiers to create many different pin placements.  This is sure to be one of your favorite shots of the day.

Hole 7 Par 4 441 441 406 361 342 283

Be careful on this long par 4 with some hidden trouble on both sides of the fairway.  A large fairway bunker guards the left side of the hole.  Hitting into this bunker will make your approach shot much more difficult.  The fairway to the right side runs out of room and is not visible off the tee.  This unique green design requires a precision short iron approach with some very difficult pin placements.  Par here is a great score.

Hole 8 Par 5 565 556 502 494 462 361

On paper this Par 5 looks pretty harmless and short.  The tee ball is very demanding and requires direction rather than distance.  Once in the fairway the hole provides a very generous layup area for the average golfer.  Long hitters who find the short grass will certainly have a go at the green in two.  The green complex provides an elevated 180-degree lake view.

Hole 9 Par 4 441 426 410 380 352 321

This is the #1 handicap hole for a reason with the lake guarding the right side of the fairway along with a bunker near the middle of the fairway.  This hole almost always has a strong wind to contend with as well.  You must trust your direction line and hit the tee ball with confidence to find this fairway.  The only place to play it safe is to hit the left side of the fairway away from the water.   Once in position you will face a demanding approach shot with two bunkers guarding the left and the tree line right next to the green on the right.  All skill levels would be very happy with a par on #9.

Front Nine Par 37 3888 3751 3477 3260 2979 2584
Hole 10 Par 4 450 407 407 367 320 280

This uphill par 4 begs the golfer to stay towards the right side of the fairway with everything sloping left.  A good drive will place you on the top of the fairway in position to play an aggressive shot to this bowl-shaped green complex.  The green has two distinct tiers so make sure to get your yardage correct or you will face a large mound separating the two sides of the green.  With two good shots, birdie is very possible.

Hole 11 Par 4 443 390 378 340 286 241

Lehman used the land to perfection on this downhill, scenic Par 4.  All levels of golfers will be very excited to hit this tee ball on this right to left shaped hole.  Be careful to avoid the wetland that hugs the entire left side of the fairway.  After the tee ball everything is right in front of you with a very receptive green.  Once on the green don't forget to look behind you at the beautiful, panoramic view.

Hole 12 Par 3 160 160 150 132 120 90

This par 3 might look short & sweet but there is plenty of trouble to avoid.  Bunkers guarding a wrong club approach and the Gull River running behind the green complex. This downhill par 3 provides a beautiful scene but also a great chance to achieve a low score with a short iron in hand.

Hole 13 Par 5 593 563 540 513 443 393

This hole is straight uphill the entire way making it play much longer than the yardage on paper.  The fairway slopes left to right and calls for a fade.  Once in the fairway on this three-shot par 5 make sure to layup to your favorite yardage.  This green complex is heavily bunkered with a very skinny green moving left to right across the hole.

Hole 14 Par 3 217 217 193 178 163 152

This downhill par 3 is very forgiving with many ways to creatively bounce it onto the green.  There is a bunker on each side of the green which points the golfer exactly where to aim. This is one of the larger greens on the property and slopes front to back and left to right.

Hole 15 Par 4 331 331 320 301 240 200

It's birdie time on this uphill/downhill par 4.  Big hitters can easily drive the green while the average golfer will hit almost any club and find the middle of the fairway.  Make sure to aim towards the left side and the entire hole slopes to the right.  This is a green light approach shot and will allow you to fire right at the pin.  The green slopes front to back towards the tree line directly behind the green complex.

Hole 16 Par 4 423 390 353 333 297 267

Another spectacular view with this downhill Par 4 overlooking the lake and the entire finishing stretch of the back 9.  Bombs away from this tee box with a long-forced carry to find the fairway.  The fairway bunker is centered making the golfer choose the right or left side of the fairway.  Once you're safely in the fairway this large green makes this hole quickly become a birdie opportunity.

Hole 17 Par 4 502 468 446 380 365 267

A demanding right to left shaped tee ball with a large, deep fairway bunker guarding the right side of the fairway.  The golfer must hug that fairway bunker in order to get a better angle to this green.  The green is tucked back and to the left with a greenside bunker to the right.  The green itself slopes front to back so make sure to play the roll out with your long iron approach.

Hole 18 Par 4 484 393 383 360 335 233

A very challenging 240 yard forced carry for the tour tees but thankfully much easier for all other tee boxes.  Driver is not needed to ensure proper positioning on this fairway.  The uphill approach shot requires one of two clubs more to make sure you avoid the false front of the green and the well positioned bunker on the right side of the green.  A perfect finishing hole to remember your experience on the Lehman 18.

Back Nine Par 35 3603 3319 3170 2904 2569 2123
Total Par 72 7491 7070 6647 6164 5548 4707